Date: 2018
Location: Austin, Tx 78728
Size: 750,000 SF
GC: Brandt
Architect: PageSoutherlandPage
Owner: Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer’s 750,000 SF Hospira-Austin facility produces large-volume solutions and premixes for pharmaceutical and medical applications. This facility operates 24H/7D/50W per year. 5F has functioned as a critical facilities IO&M team member since 1994 and continues to assist by ensuring the facility’s high purity stainless steel solutions systems, high purity steam systems, process CHW systems, high purity HVAC systems, and process/domestic plumbing systems meet both internal IQ/OQP and FDA regulations while expanding and maintaining all system operations. 5F provides three-shift manpower availability to ensure facility operations continue around the clock to meet global demand.